My name is James Brooman. Originally from the UK, I now live in San Francisco – mostly for the weather I think!

I’ve always loved the mountains. My mother is from a small village in the Italian Alps, and I think I must have them in my blood. Growing up in a town near London it was hard to discover that desire to be in the high places of the world, but discover it I have.

I’m writing this blog for many reasons. I want to give a small window to this unique challenge, an endeavor most people won’t have the opportunity to experience. I also want to help others who decide to tackle it, and leaving a trail of my personal experiences and learning from the process might be a useful resource. And finally I want to share this part of my life. I like this part of it, and I sincerely hope you enjoy following along with the highs and lows of this journey. I thank you for reading!


On the summit of Lobuche East overlooking Mt Everest – April 2014


I recognize that what I’m attempting is not without controversy, and that people hold a wide range of views. I offer no opinion on the matter. I aim to tackle this challenge responsibly with the safety of all those involved – including myself – as the number one priority. It is not without risk, and I deeply respect all those who have a part in helping me achieve this dream. I would not be attempting it if I did not believe I am competent and both physically and mentally strong enough to approach this climb safely.