Breaking News: The South Route is Fixed (We Think)

We hear evolving news in Everest Base Camp that the south side route to the summit (i.e. the fixing of the ropes we all need to climb safely) was finally done today by a team of Guhrka, the elite Nepalese / British military unit. I am very hopeful, both that the news is correct, but more importantly they made it back down safely, in what were expected to be difficult conditions. All fingers and toes crossed (and warmed)!

Why is the fixed line date important? Anchoring it to the mountain is a difficult task which requires a window of good weather – usually 2 days or so – to make it the last bit to the summit. Most of the time the weather forecast is only long enough to show one window, so that first one must be used for the fixed rope team. Now that is (expectedly) done, WE as climbers can use the next forecasted window as a potential summit day. It is HUGE green light!! The countdown to summit day for all of us has begun (we hope!).

The big bosses of the expedition will now start figuring out when we can start moving up the mountain in preparation for any new weather windows we should get. As for me, I’m keen both to spend a little extra time up there to get both physically and mentally reacquainted with those high altitudes, and to wait a few extra days to hopefully let the masses attempt before me. Standing in line at 28,600ft / 8,700m as some people ahead stop and discuss their Kathmandu weekend plans, as happened to one of our guides last year, is not my vision for the big day! 

So all to play for now, looks like things are slowly grinding forward. Fingers crossed!




  1. Chocolata · May 15, 2017

    HI James,
    That is fantastic news! You sound rested and positive and ready to give it a go.
    Yes, Moms always worry about their children, no matter how old you are. My three are aged 28, 29 and 30 and I still worry. But I’m proud as punch of them, as I know your mother is of you. My husband thinks you’re loony for attempting Everest w/o oxygen, but he’s as eager to hear about your progress as I am. Know you have a Florida family that is rooting for you all the way!
    Looking forward to that pic at the top. Stay safe, climb strong, and enjoy the journey. Thank you for staying in touch and allowing all of us to live vicariously through you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jamesrbrooman · May 15, 2017

      Haha your husband is probably right –
      Let’s find out! Thanks for support, it’s really appreciated and heartfelt!


  2. lakepalestine · May 15, 2017

    Echo, echo! Great news!! Ge safe!


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