Wind Delay

Greg and Jangbu, out expedition leaders, came with the news last night that the weather forecast had changed a little. Ongoing high winds, gusting towards 100mph, are forecast on for Camp 4 and 60+mph for Camp 3 at the start of my rotation, rather than dying down as expected. That’s not manageable, so the whole of Team 1 (who are also heading up for a rotation) and myself are staying in base camp another day while we wait for the window to clear. Hopefully one day doesn’t become 2. Or 3!

Just waiting for the weather

A little disappointing, but hey, what’s a day between friends. It’s the weather so nothing you can do. As I hadn’t yet packed by 6pm it’s probably a good thing! We are ahead of schedule so I’m not yet worried.

Stay tuned, let’s see what happens. For now we just have an extra-cold spell at Base Camp to deal with, and this does now give me a chance to dry my socks…


Frozen sock, anyone?



  1. Maggie McCann · April 30, 2017

    Good luck, I hope the weather clears up and you get out soon! What is your hopeful summit date? A few more questions, possibly for your next Q and A: Does your gear keep you feeling warm even when it gets cold like that, or just alive? What do you do to pass the time when you are stuck at camp?


    • jamesrbrooman · April 30, 2017

      Good questions! Looks like my summit day will be the second half of May. We shall see!


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