Base Camp Life

The internet has reached base camp! I was wonderful to be cut off from the universe for a few days, and equally nice to be connected again. I think.

I’m doing well. Had a mild head cold the last 2 days which wasn’t great – so weak! – but today I’m fully back to fighting fitness. It’s a few more days before the ‘puja’ ceremony and the mountain officially opens, so not much to report on until then.

Things are now in the base camp groove. Wake up at first light because you went to bed so early, and face the first decision of the morning. Stay in your sleeping bag until the sun rises above the mountains to hit your tent and rapidly heat it, or brave the -10C to -15C and get up, the reward being a lovely view of the mountain sunrise and a cup of hot sweet milk tea in the Sherpa kitchen. Decisions decisions. I usually opt for the tea.

The Sherpa kitchen for some tea!

Then it’s breakfast, get ready for the day, and then it’s time to look at the plan. Is today a full rest day or a hiking day up one of the nearby peaks for some exercise, a few extra meters of altitude and a nice view? Either way it’s soon lunch. Then maybe wash a few clothes, and for me, do a bit of work and go through some light physio to keep things attached straight.

Then the sun starts to fall behind the mountains and the temperature plummets. Big jacket and down pants (trousers!) on, and watch the sunset. Then it’s dinner, a bit of banter with whoever is around, and by 8 you are back in your tent and your sleeping bag, too cold to do anything but maybe read.

A nice sunset from camp

Finally it’s buff over your face to prevent a sore throat the next morning, and fall asleep to the sound of avalanches and the cracking of the glacier right beneath you. Pretty wild.

Just another 4,000ft avalanche, this time from Lingtren

That’s a day!



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