It has been a crazy 2 days. Our stop was Phortse, the wonderful picturesque village which produces many of the elite Sherpa climbers. It was warm and sunny, a perfect day to walk.

All was well until I heard a noise that sounded as though a porter had dropped one of those big loads they carry. But no! That noise was from my guide falling. And he’d hurt himself! 

With my limited medical knowledge I got him in a recovery position, did the ABC check and checked for general problems. He was talking – a good sign – but in a lot of pain. But beyond that I didn’t know what to do, and fortunately one of the other Sherpa Everest guides was on the scene soon after. The clouds were rolling in so the helicopter couldn’t come and we decided that he’d have to be carried to the hospital in Kunde, a neighboring village. We transferred him to a stretcher and a group of Sherpa set off as darkness was falling. They did a 3 hour mountainous walk in 2 hours, carrying a person. Amazing.

Latest report from the hospital is that he is injured but not too seriously, and so should make a good recovery. I have my fingers and toes crossed for him. He is built of iron so I am very hopeful. 

As for me, one of the other sherpas is trekking the rest of the way to base camp with me – Phinjo, our Sherpa guide last year. He is fantastic so hopefully there are only good things for me to report from now on.

To leave on a happy note, here is a picture from the village as the sun was setting. It’s pretty sweet!


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