The Khumbu Valley

Everything is going great! I’ve made it to the Khumbu Valley and the trek up to Base Camp is underway.

Kathmandu was its usual chaos but I was soon on the scary and breathtaking flight to the the valley. For a few moments I glimpsed Everest in the distance, dark and imposing. The photos just don’t convey how big and intimidating that mountain is. For a moment I had that ‘what the hell am I doing here’ feeling but it soon passed. At least for now!

The landing in Lukla was exhilarating , as it should be for one of the most dangerous airports in the world. FUN! We disembarked and I met my Sherpa guide, Danuru, for the first time. He is a legend – 23 expeditions to Everest and 11 summits, plus many other ascents of 8000m peaks. We get on great, and I am in good hands I think!

Danuru and I at the National Park entrance

A quick breakfast and we were on our way! It is hard to overstate how happy I feel to be back here. I smil from ear to ear constantly! The views, the mountains, the blue rivers, the forests, the people! For two days we trekked to the village of Namche Bazar, at 11,500ft / 3,400m for a rest day and checked into the familiar Khumbu Lodge. Hasn’t changed a bit! 

The view from my bedroom

Yesterday was a rest day and it snowed. It looked like Christmas morning, and the clouds made the mountains so mysterious and atmospheric. It’s unseasonably cold – down to -9C / 15F but that’s all part of the fun.

Looks like Christmas!

Today we head up to Phortse, a Sherpa village that produces many of its best climbers. I’m excited to see it!



One comment

  1. Erwin Butterfield · March 21, 2017

    Stunning!! Good luck James.


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