Training: Zero to Lots

I started training for this climb with 10 months to go in June last year, which for me was so much earlier than normal. I had done little exercise for the months immediately prior to starting, and on my first run had to walk the last 2 miles. So I’ve come a long way!

As a backdrop I was never great at sports in school. In the weekly 3 mile cross country run I always came around 8th out of 30. I remember once I really went for it, gave it everything I had and came third, gaining not even a flicker of acknowledgement from the PE teacher.

Sure, my genetics are pretty good for endurance sports and I assume my mother’s alpine heritage helps me with altitude. But I’m not Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I genuinely believe that if I can physically achieve something, other people should be able to achieve it also. I’m a pretty normal personal doing very abnormal things – and I think ALL of us can aspire to that.

I thought it would be interesting to give you a sample week of training. This was the final week of my ‘Build’ block, about 14-15 hours of training.

Monday: Rest. Ah, so wonderful!

Tuesday AM: Intervals – 6x 1,000m with 200m recovery, V02Max pace

Tuesday PM: Max Strength – 1h 20 mins max strength, 30 min run (Aerobic)

Wednesday: 8 mile run – Aerobic pace

Thursday AM: Intervals – 9x 150ft stair runs, V02Max pace

Tuesday PM: Max Strength – 1h 20 mins max strength, 30 min run (Aerobic)

Friday: Rest. So excited!

Saturday: Climb 5,000ft / 15 miles carrying 65-70lb – 6hr round trip

Sunday: Hike 2,500ft / 15 miles carrying 50lb – 4h 30 mins round trip

There are benefits. Here is a picture I took on that Sunday hike. Tired, yes, but happy.


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